Anyone who accesses Vall d’Or Camping & Beach must comply with these regulations, which have been designed in order to create the best conditions for coexistence.

1- ACCESS TO THE CAMPSITE: It is reserved only for campers; any other person must request entry permission from the Reception, leave their identification data and acquire the identification bracelet that they must wear and be visible at all times. The Management reserves the right of admission. The holder of the invoice will be responsible for both his acts and those of his companions.

2- REGISTRATION: At the time of arrival, the client must register at the reception, registering both the people and the items subject to payment that access the campsite. Any variation of the same must be communicated at the reception, with the presentation of the delivery note. If this is not done, the eventual cancellation of any concept will not be taken into account and the registrations will be charged to the total stay.

3- VISITS: People from outside the campsite who wish to visit family or friends must leave the vehicle outside the premises unless authorized by reception and go through reception to pay the corresponding invoice. It will be necessary to present the respective identity documents and pay the current visit fee at the time of registration.In the event that any family receives visits that have not been previously registered, they will be committing a serious infraction and will be invited to leave the campsite.

4- UNDER 18 YEARS OLD: They will only be admitted in the company of an adult who is responsible for them. Parents or minors accompanying them will be responsible for possible damages or accidents that they may cause during their stay at the campsite.

5- PARKING AT THE ENTRANCE: It must be used exclusively during the time necessary to register at the reception. You cannot park to go visit other clients, go to the beach, or to the restaurant.

6- CIRCULATION OF MOTOR VEHICLES: The maximum speed allowed in the campsite is 10 km/h. Circulation is prohibited between 24:00 and 07:00. The client who arrives or decides to leave between these hours, must leave their vehicle outside the campsite.

7- BICYCLES AND OTHER VEHICLES: Their use in sports or dangerous competitions is prohibited, as is their circulation after 11:00 p.m. for safety reasons. After 9:00 p.m. they must circulate with the lights on. The use for any reason of gasoline-powered vehicles such as mini motorcycles, quads, etc. is prohibited.

For pitches the arrival time is from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
For mobile homes the arrival time is from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
If a client anticipates his arrival outside these hours, please notify to the reception in advance.
The pitches and mobile homes must be vacated before 12:00 on the day of departure.
Customers are requested to remove any leftovers or camping material from the plots.
The mobile home key must be handed in at reception. If you want to leave outside reception hours, it will be necessary to notify us in advance.

  •  The mobile home must be delivered clean and tidy, that is, in the same conditions as it was delivered on the day of arrival; clean kitchen utensils, used bedding and bath towels grouped in the same place and garbage deposited in the containers; Otherwise, a charge of €30 will be applied for cleaning.
  •  Smoking is not allowed inside the mobile homes; for this you have at your disposal the terrace of the module.
  •  A deposit of €100 will be left, on the day of arrival, as a guarantee of cleaning and furniture.

9- DEPARTURES DURING THE NIGHT: Clients who wish to leave before the opening time of the campsite must park the vehicle outside the campsite before the campsite’s closing time and pay the full amount until the day of departure.

10- SILENCE HOURS: From 12:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. silence will be absolute. Rest hours will be respected between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. and between 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. During rest hours, the campers are asked to turn down the volume of TV, radios, music equipment, etc. and try to reduce the use of motor vehicles as much as possible. If this rule is not complied with, the management reserves the right to invite the guests causing this alteration to leave the campsite without any right to request payment for the days pending enjoyment.

11- ACCOMMODATION: The reception of the campsite will assign an accommodation to the client upon arrival. The client may request a possible change at reception. Under no circumstances will the client occupy or reserve any accommodation without the knowledge of the reception. The vehicle must remain parked within the plot, it is totally forbidden to park the vehicle in empty plots. It is also prohibited to plant any kind of plant or crop on the plot’s soil or in the flower beds. You cannot tie ropes or hammocks to the camping furniture (fountains, lampposts, etc.). The installation of awnings must be done preserving the good image of the campsite. When in mobile homes it is forbidden to take the elements contained inside to the beach and put ropes on the terraces, as well as hang clothes in a visible area, portable clotheslines will be used.

12- WINDSCREENS: They will be limited to the maximum and only those authorized by the campsite reception can be installed. They must have their own anchors and do not need iron rods or ropes tied to trees or other furniture for their installation. They must have a horizontal metal support with a round tip at the top and must be light in color and without stripes.

13- DOGS: They must always be on a leash and the access of dogs of dangerous breeds is prohibited. They are not allowed in mobile homes. Animals cannot access the beach.

14- ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: It is forbidden to connect an inappropriate plug to the electrical boxes. The campsite management reserves the right to prohibit the electricity supply to customers who do not have an electrical installation in perfect condition. An adapter will be provided at Reception under a deposit of €20.

15- BARBECUE: They are allowed on the same plot, as long as they are made with coal or gas but never with wood. They are prohibited in the mobile-home area. They are authorized in the rest of the campsite as long as the weather conditions allow it and the campers are not disturbed. A bucket with water should always be placed next to the lit barbecue. It is totally forbidden to light an open fire or on the ground of the campsite, beach and surroundings.

16- SAFE BOXES: Valuable objects can be deposited in the safe deposit box rental service installed at the reception.

17- WASTEWATER: For reasons of hygiene and conservation of trees and plants, it must be discharged in the Chemical WCs provided in the sanitary block for this purpose and never on the ground or in the drains.

18- FOUNTAINS, SINKS AND LAUNDRY: The drinking water from the fountains will be used exclusively for human consumption. The sinks will be used to wash dishes and kitchen utensils and the sinks to wash clothes. Please make good use of the facilities, and that they be left in optimal condition after use.

19- GARBAGE: These must be deposited in the selective collection containers installed in different areas of the campsite.

It is strictly forbidden to throw the still hot charcoal from the barbecues inside the containers. The ashes originated by the barbecues must be poured into the metal buckets intended for this purpose.

Only organic waste, glass, cardboard and plastic can be properly deposited in the designated areas. The campsite is not responsible for collecting the rest of the waste.

20- TOP-LESS: It is not allowed inside the campsite

21- INSURANCE: The management declines all eventual responsibility in case of theft, accident or damage to people and things caused by third parties outside the establishment. Nor is it responsible for damages caused by storms, hailstorms, fires or other causes of force majeure. Clients must obligatorily contract civil liability insurance for possible damages caused by their caravans or camping elements to other campers or to the campsite itself.

22- PAYMENT OF INVOICES: The invoice must be paid upon arrival, after presenting the booking note at Reception. The invoices corresponding to stays in mobile homes will also be paid upon arrival at the campsite.

23- RIGHT OF ADMISSION: The campsite management will exercise the right of admission according to Article 9 of Decree 200/1999, preventing access to the campsite to:

  • People who show violent attitudes, behave aggressively or cause altercations, and those who have disrespectful attitudes towards the camping staff and/or other clients.
  •  People who consume narcotic substances or show symptoms of having consumed them, and those who show signs of intoxication.
  • People who do not provide an identity document for registration at the campsite.

24- RESPONSIBILITIES: Despite continuous vigilance within the campsite, the management will not be held responsible for possible theft or theft of users’ properties. The management will not be responsible for damages caused by other clients as a result of acts of vandalism, fires caused by the campers themselves, atmospheric incidents or natural disasters or any other cause beyond the control of the Company. Each user must have third party civil liability insurance.

25- NON COMPLIANCE: Anyone who violates any aspect of this regulation will be invited to leave the campsite. Vall d’Or Camping & Beach management is authorized to expel anyone who does not respect the regulations set out in these regulations.
We ask that you please go to the reception to send us any complaints or suggestions.
At Vall d’Or Camping & Beach we are committed to creating a unique experience during your holidays!


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